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  • The Way I Work

    btw, I LOVE what I do

    I have a Unique Gift


    I create a ‘Sacred Space‘ initially.

    Particularly, I use the Power of the Spoken Word, specifically to achieve detailed results unique to each individuals’ needs but also for Safety!


    The healing begins with my ability to see with searing clear psychic vision, what Love needs you to surrender or let go of. There may also be initiation, activation, recalibration and alignments that may be required, or what may be ‘next’.


    I work with the Highest Frequencies of Divine Love and with the Lords’ & Masters’ of the Highest level. With access to the Akashic Records, the Bardo Realms and the many planes & dimensions this therefore, allows a seamless, clear & thorough healing.

    The 'Ultimate Spiritual Body DETOX'.


    I have come to know, having given thousands of healings, how to decode the language of light.


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  • My Process

    I AM used as a sensitive, an instrument, to experience & reveal the issue or the distortion, be it the shadows and/or blocks that may thwart your ability to function at the best of your true ability. These blocks or shadows can be an ‘old experience’, or story, or combination of experiences, that lay caught or trapped in outdated beliefs, fear, trauma or negative emotion. With an ability to grow in it’s hold and force, by snowballing in its size, over time.


    This can build up to be an Issue that is involving many, many lifetimes and holding the person in a continual entrapment because of its’ strength and hold. These issues can accumulate causing dis-ease in the physical body.

    I am able to identify various physical ailments within the body, connecting the missing link for the wholistic healing so needed to come from the Core Being within. Or, it may be a misconception, a belief, )there are multiple possibilities), that has created a block, stifling many wonderful things that are consequently, unable to flow into your life.


    A lot of our innate power lays dormant and trapped in this manner.


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    Healing Tools

    Working with the many bodies & systems, 23 in total, for example, the Auric Field, the Mental & Emotional Bodies. Utilising & tapping into the living library of Akashic Records, your Guides and Angels, & the Higher Self & OverSoul, the unlimited Christ Consciousness and much more…..


    Streamlining Atunement and Alignment, Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation, Chakra Balancing & Polarity Work, DNA Activation, Shen, the list is endless.

    Shifts in awareness, greater clarity, access to the ‘Deep Inner Heart’ giving the ability to truly feel Love express through you completely. Tapping your ability to make shifts & changes fluidly & seamlessly, moving with the Christ Consciousness through our ever-changing times. Creating like we have never been able to before and being in Charge of life, now and into the future!


    I do recommend a Series of 3 Healings' or more, so as to achieve a greater depth of Unwinding for both the One on One & Long Distance, however, even more may be recommended.


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    My Teacher

    Interestingly, as fate would have it, my Mother, introduced me to my teacher, Medina, back in 1990. The Reverend Medina Varley.


    Shortly after, I became an integral part of the Daystar Mystery School acquiring Multiple Modalities of Healing techniques and understandings that were mastered, by way of a rigorous training, concurrently as an ongoing deconstruction of the Lower Self occurred, simultaneously whilst delivering thousands of healing’s over the 8 year period.


    Ascended Masters & Lords of Light spent periods of time with Medina for months at a time. We received teachings and practical application techniques by these many Avatars of Mastery, indeed, we were privileged beyond measure to receive such teachings of the Mystery.


    Medina had an exquisite singing voice, played the piano beautifully and her speaking voice was like liquid silk. Medina’s eyes penetrated deep into your soul, carrying information and a personal message that was often all in the look rather than words.

    She was a simple woman, yet her gifts were grande.

    Teaching the Nature & Qualities of Love and many healing modalities, Medina always taught the simplicity of Love. She truly modeled by action in everything she did or said. She was a rare and special woman who passed away, in June of 2000, suffering a grueling and aggressive cancer that moved throughout her body.

    She was truly selfless.


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    My Understanding

    I later came to realize over the years involved with the School, discovering that the many paths/religions back to Source ultimately merge to the one path …


    The Path of Love.


    The Collective Story was uncovered and these understandings are the sum total of the foundational reasons for the lives that we are living NOW. Both individually & Collectively, for indeed, they are the same.


    My Gift for ‘UnWinding the Soul’ is founded on this very Training. We all have the ability to unravel, returning into communion and thereby into Sovereignty and Freedom in each moment. Enabling the true innate bedrock of our Hearts’ Core to reign again, revealing the gifts of the Soul.

    Simply by surrendering to Love itself enables us to return Home to the Heart.

    All great Masters have taught this simple way.


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    Book a Healing Session with Juliet

    Here are the current offerings....

    'Unwind The Soul' Healing (in person) - 90 minutes - $150

    'Unwind The Soul' Healing (Skype or zoom) - 90 minutes - $150

    'Evolutionary Astrology' Reading (either) - 90 minutes - $125

    Combination 'Unwind The Soul' + Astrology - 2 hours - $225

    Soul Mastery School Consult - 30 minutes - FREE




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    Jan Sneider-Brown

    Ashland, Oregon

    “My lifetime spiritual quest has led me to many healers who have all been gifted and helpful. However, Juliet has been over the top, as she has the ability to take one to the very depths of the glitches, twist and turns of the soul’s journey.
    My life has become easy, happy and at peace due to Juliet’s guidance into the mystery. Her compassion and gentle way of being, makes going into darkness and bringing myself back to the light healing, a grand, as well as a safe, adventure.

    A Teacher extraordinaire, Juliet models tools in a seamless, practical and beautiful way that one can use to continue their journey no matter what may come in future years. I am truly blessed to have experienced Juliet’s Self-Mastery School and her beautiful presence”.

    Amy Norris

    Ashland. Oregon.

    “I was referred to Juliet Butters Doty as a client. My first session with Juliet was so profound and powerful. She was able to see into me in a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional way; layer by layer she found the symptoms and removed them up into a beautiful prayer working with her guides and angels. I literally felt these 'symptoms' being pulled off as she released them. I felt a release through tears and profound gratification.

    This healing stayed with me and continued working on me through the weeks. I came to Juliet a second time and had a similar experience.

    I felt called to do the mentoring program with Juliet and was astounded at the level of mastery she brought to the table. I learned life times of information and ways to heal and clear myself as well as others. She shared all that she knew and then some whilst doing healing’s each session that we met.

    She is unconditional in her giving and has a true desire to help. I am eternally grateful for our meeting and time spent”.

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